Auction - The Way to Sell Your Home

Auction is the most effective method to selling real estate

Some factors that you should consider before listing your home.

Pricing - This is one of the two most critical factors in the selling. The other is marketing. No seller wants to undersell their home, but once a listed price is placed on the home, without care and consideration of the current market conditions, few buyers will come and pay more than the listed price.

Buyers view homes in terms of how they see the value for them, the buyer and often all a listed price does is to prejudice their opinion.

Marketing - The common misconception is that an auction costs a lot more. In fact, it doesn’t. The cost of an auction is merely the cost of the auctioneer or submission cost and is often only a few hundred dollars. The rest is marketing, and selling any real estate today requires good marketing.

The result is often in direct relationship to the marketing investment in the campaign. Your salesperson is well trained to advise you as to the best marketing available in your local and national media.

Urgency - All parties, buyers, sellers and salespeople are working towards one date, auction day. Buyers will decide to buy and attend the auction, make an offer prior to the day or make a conscious decision to reject the property. Remember that they cannot reject your home on price, as there isn’t one! Buyers cannot say it is outside their budget therefore will be more interested in pursuing their interest in buying. Come auction day you are dealing with serious buyers committed to buying your property on your terms.

Competition is also the greatest motivator. Records are only set in all areas when competition and fear of loss is greatest.

As the seller, you will also know where your property stands in the market especially as to price. The weekly written reports will give you comprehensive and vital feedback during the campaign and consequently allow you to set a realistic expectation and reserve on auction day.

Results - Auction is the most successful marketing method available. Auction Marketing programmes constantly produce higher success rates that all other forms of Real Estate marketing. More importantly, most Auction results are achieved up to and including auction day or within a matter of days after the auction has ended.

And support from Lindsay Dodd … Freelance Auctioneer

  • Industry leading support and experience
  • Comprehensive successful auction marketing
  • Professional specialist property auctioneer
  • High public awareness of your property via extensive media exposure over structured media placement
  • Experienced and trained salespeople working in tandem with successful experienced auctioneers
  • Best chance to sell and achieve your desired result
  • Communication at an unprecedented level

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