Benefits of Buying Under Auction Conditions

  • The value of the property is determined openly by the buyers
  • Totally transparent negotiations. During the auction you can visually see the competition and what level they are willing to pay for the property
  • Opportunity to nominate your price under a controlled condition
  • Your cash unconditional offer is an incentive for the seller
  • Opportunity to buy before the auction • Avoids delays, no protracted negotiations
  • If you are the highest bidder and the property is passed in, you will have the first right to continue negotiations with the seller
  • You can avoid out of control emotions by having a third party bid for you up to a predetermined and calculated limit
  • All parties are heavily committed, so a result on the day is priority
  • Terms of the sale are clear and definite
  • More than one bite of the cherry when negotiating
  • Greatly reduced chance of disputes in transaction
  • No disappointment in missing out in buying by a small amount
  • Time of settlement is fixed
  • Generally, no complications or delays
  • Bring the sale to a head and in a quicker time frame

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