Benefits of Selling Under Auction Conditions

  • Elevates your property to a special status
  • High impact advertising designed to attract all potential buyers in your target market to give you a greater opportunity to sell
  • Convenient ‘open home’ programmes to suit your needs during the auction campaign
  • Weekly reports in writing with personal follow-up to keep you fully informed
  • Eye-catching signage on the property prominently positioned for major impact
  • Pride of place in our office/s window display/s
  • Potential bidders can be pre-approved for mortgage finance
  • Cash terms and conditions that meet with your approval. With auction, you sell on your terms without buyers introducing unwanted or unnecessary conditions
  • Auction removes the price barrier and will expose your property to more potential buyers
  • Auction enables you to find the best possible price at which the market values your property
  • An auction encourages buyers to decide by the deadline set by the auction day. It forces buyers to act, as being hesitant, buyers may miss out
  • Your property and marketing campaign are handled by experienced sales consultants who will devote a major part of their time to ensuring the success of the sale
  • A binding contract is entered into on the fall of the hammer, eliminating protracted negotiations or conditions that may eventually break down or fail
  • Auction Marketing consistently gives you a success rate of over 80%
  • Auctions are conducted and backed up by a full-time professional auctioneer, Lindsay Dodd, who operate to the highest possible standard in the industry

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